In Wine
on 20 Nov 2017

After a bit of a hiatus from writing, you can now find posts in which I dispense my very best and most serious wine career advice on the website of my WSET Level 3 alma mater, the wonderful Napa Valley Wine Academy.

Crushpad Riesling

Their blog, Pouring Points, is a great resource for current and prospective WSET students and alums. I’m going to be sharing some of what I’ve learned in my journey from part-time wine obsessive to full-timer and Diploma student, as well as interviewing folks much smarter and more impressive than I.

Most recently, I wrote about what I’ve learned about Oregon pinot since moving to the Willamette Valley, and shared a few other things you can learn from working a harvest. Check it out!

At left: “Drink riesling on the crushpad” is my evergreen career advice; you’re welcome.

Julia Burke is a wine educator and writer.