About Julia Burke

I am either a wine lover who writes a lot or a writer who accidentally fell in love with wine, depending on where I start the story.

In 2008 I wandered into a Western New York winery for a tasting and left with a job. In the small wine community of Niagara County, then in its infancy, I discovered a passion for wine, and as I helped clean tanks, pour for customers, and harvest grapes, I began to dream about making my own.

holding a grape cluster

In 2010, eager to continue my wine education, I traveled to Stellenbosch, South Africa, for a harvest internship at Blaauwklippen Vineyards, and this blog was born. I chronicled my wine adventures as well as observations about South Africa’s extraordinarily rich culture; once again, I found myself deeply in love.

Here in the US, I am constantly seeking great South African wine, and I keep an eye on the South African wine industry; you’ll find ample discussion of both in my blog archive. These days I am a wine educator currently based in Newark, where I’m lucky enough to be combining my first love, freelance writing, with wine, the love of my life. In 2020 I embarked on the Master of Wine study program.

Current adventures, examples of my work, recent appearances, observations from life as a wine professional and educator, and a bit more of my history can all be found here.